Polio Wars: Dying for Vaccination in Pakistan

I discussed, in a prior post, the progress of the global polio eradication effort. Last year marked a major setback in the eradication effort as 9 countries reported 389 cases. Though not even a month old, 2014 has already seen 4 cases occur--all of which are located in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. 

It is no accident that Pakistan remains the biggest obstacle to polio eradication given the continued murderous violence Taliban Islamists direct at polio vaccinators. Since July of 2012, 33 individuals associated with the vaccination effort have been killed. 

The contrast between those who are working to improve human life by working to eradicate one of mankind's scourges from the planet and those who seek to relegate mankind to a state in which polio is allowed to spread with abandon couldn't be starker.