Ebola in Semen: A Worry for Nymphomaniacs, Not A Basis for Detention

Countries all around the globe are now conducting some sort of entry screening of travelers from Ebola-afflicted nations. These processes will involve temperature checks and a survey of symptoms coupled to a risk-assessment based on the person's activities. It is non-invasive and if suspicion is aroused, more testing is performed. Individuals who are flagged may be escorted to a room that has the requisite medical equipment present. 

Right now, I am trying to imagine the case of the man in India who was taken to a room that, perhaps, was strewn not with thermometers, but with Playboy magazines as part of an "enhanced" screening program that must be in place there.

The man in question had survived Ebola in Liberia but is now under detention. He is not under this order because of the presence of any lingering symptoms of Ebola, however. He clearly passed exit screening when he embarked on his trip and had not developed any new symptoms upon arrival. 

He is being detained because his semen tested positive for Ebola -- something that we know can occur for up to 3 months after infection. Such a condition is remedied by safe sex counseling and is not a basis for isolation or detention.

I can't imagine the protocol details that are in place that are used to elicit the requisite body fluid or what the rationale for detention may be (unless it is only used for nymphomaniacs).

Hopefully, he gets to keep his "reading" material for it may be months before his semen tests negative. 

Such actions divert important resources and feed the irrational panic surrounding this virus.