The Needle vs. The Nose

Of vaccine delivery methods, the needle is the one that brings the most apprehension to adults and children alike. Few alternate methods are currently available and include oral (e.g. oral polio vaccine) and, importantly for influenza, nasal mist. 

The nasal mist flu vaccine not only is easier to administer, not only does it mimic the means in which influenza sets up infection, it is a live but weakened--not killed--version of the flu. Data show that this version of the vaccine is preferred for children as it provides the more robust immunity than the ordinary vaccine. 

It was recently reported that the pioneering innovator who developed this vaccine, Hunein Maasab, died.

Commenting on his breakthrough vaccine, Dr. Maasab said: "I feel in a sense that I have accomplished my life’s dream." The secondary consequence of pursuing his life's dream--as it is for all innovators--was the bequest of a life-enhancing augmentation of man's armamenetarium against infectious disease. Thank you, Dr. Maasab.