Vaccine Education Can't Cure Irrationality

A recent study on vaccine education yielded a paradoxical result. In those less likely to vaccinate their child, information aimed at illustrating the benefits of vaccines and debunking the fantastical "link" to autism actually strengthened their resolve against vaccines.

What this illustrates to me is that once one has committed to an irrational fixed belief, rational persuasion is not something that can be effective. Anti-vaccinationists, by their very position,  have declared that reason, logic, and evidence hold no sway with them. Because the benefits of vaccines are unequivocal and manifest for all to see, willful evasion must be occurring on some level. 

The anti-vaccine movement began, not in the modern era, but with the 1st vaccine (Jenner's smallpox vaccine). Today's movement is nothing more than an extension of that primitive phenomena which has, since its inception, stunted mankind's progress.