Emerging Infectious Diseases & Closing the Book on Infectious Diseases

In advance of the expected remarks by the President on Ebola tomorrow during his CDC visit, I have done a few interviews, including this one with NPR, speculating upon what he might propose. 

Whatever is proposed, one thing is certain: this won't be the last time the world faces the threat of an emerging infectious disease.

Reflecting upon this fact I wrote, in Forbes, about how I believe that this and future emerging infectious disease responses should be handled--namely with a high level emerging infectious disease/biosecurity coordinator coupled to a prioritization of the core (i.e. infectious disease) missions of both the CDC and US Surgeon General. 

How wrong was Surgeon General William Stewart when he declared in 1969 that “we can now close the book on infectious diseases." 

Our microbial world guarantees that this book will be open forever but with proper preparation, response and situational awareness we can get it at least shut it partway.