The Lair, The "Prey", and The Elixir

The woman entered the room with a tackle box of equipment. Upon opening, 2 cylindrical devices, each with sharp metal protrusions, were apparent as well as a canister of an unknown substance, its label long since replaced with an image of a popular culture icon. 

Another person in the room appeared apprehensive, unsure of what was to happen next. The woman seized both of his arms and applied a substance emanating from the two canisters and, almost seconds later, jabbed both arms with the cylindrical devices. 

This was not an assault, but a life-affirming rite of passage I hope every child has the opportunity to endure. 

Yesterday, I accompanied a child who was receiving routine vaccinations. I've given vaccinations myself and had them administered to me myself but yesterday, being an uninvolved observer, really concretized the value of these marvelous elixirs. 

The popular icon on the canister was Olaf from Frozen and each sharp protrusion delivered milliliters of polio and diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis vaccine.

The requisite Bugs Bunny band-aids were applied.