If it Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit: Decoding Canine Fecal Crimes

I don't mean to be continuing on the theme of feces (it seems to be a topic many are interested in) but some new developments are not ignorable. 

When people talk about the role of genomics, next generation sequencing, and personalized/precision medicine it is often in the context of improving human health. Undoubtedly, these technologies have broader applications and have revolutionized forensic science, for example.

The newest application seems to be just as an innovative as the mainstream applications. While you might think it might involve creating hybrid creatures, understanding dinosaurs, or looking for life on asteroids it is much more this-worldly and is so down to earth you've probably had it on the bottom of your shoe a few times. 

The new application is the genetic sequencing of dog poop to determine whose animal emitted it. The company that performs this very vital service is aptly named PooPrints.

This development reminds us that, amongst all the blind alleys science may lead us down if, in the darkness, we step in something we can find the culpable party.